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Summer Romance Review Tour KOVEN by Vanessa Skye





Category: Romance / Paranormal

Publication date: Jun 11, 2015



When Celeste was kidnapped a century ago and turned against her will by a cruel vampire fighter, she expected to spend her doomed eternity as his slave, chained in the darkness, and she questioned her ability to survive. But things don’t always go as expected.

Just ask her kidnapper.

He never expected Celeste to learn how to fight.

He never expected Celeste to become the best warrior he had ever seen.

He never expected the secret hidden away in her blood, And he certainly never expected to become a victim of his own sword.

Tormented by her past and the dreams she can’t explain, Celeste now roams the earth slaying the creatures she loathes—other vampires like herself—and seeking revenge against those who would harm innocents in the name of bloodlust.

Until she crosses paths with Striker, the handsome vampire leader weighed down by his own tortured story.

In his quest for answers about the stunning Celeste, Striker finds out more than he ever thought possible—about himself, his true origins, and his destiny. But the secret Celeste is keeping from him might be the one thing that keeps them apart for good—a secret even more dangerous than a new, powerful enemy they never saw coming.

As ancient mysteries, forgotten prophecies, and cruel eras collide, Celeste must confront her past as well as her future. Fighting her inner demons and letting Striker beyond the wall she built around her heart haunts her, even more than her captive past.

Enter a supernatural world of passion, lust, sexual obsession, and power that the unsuspecting humans never knew existed, until now . . .


This is an amazing story that kept me glued to  the pages from beginning to end.

Celeste is a rogue vampire hell bent on revenge.

Striker is the leader of the Koven, sent by the Kouncil to see who has been killing the rogues.

Celeste is unlike the other rogues, as she is the one killing them. As Striker watches her, he finds her intriguing and has to know more before turning her into the Kouncil. And that is where their story unfolds.

I was totally enthralled by the story and I loved the characters.

This book has everything you want and need in a paranormal story. It’s full of angst, suspense, betrayal, sexual tension and revelations.

I was left needing and wanting more. I can’t wait for the next book.

Silver Stars 5



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