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Title: Roxy (Pandemic Sorrow Book 3) Author: Stevie J Cole Book Tour: May 11 – May15 Hosted by: SBB Promotions

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My life had been no fairy tale. Actually, growing up, it had been something more like a nightmare, which is why I ended up so hard. When you don’t want to hurt having the ability to be numb is your best defense mechanism. And for a long time all I was doing was existing.

Jag Steele, the lead singer of the international rock band Pandemic Sorrow, was the epitome of everything I despised: arrogant, entitled, but the thing I hated most about him was that he was an addict. Drugs had been the demon that had ruined everything in my life, and anyone who had a love affair with them pretty much made my stomach turn. It brought up memories I wanted to stay buried. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly a fan of Jag. Funny thing is, people aren’t always who you expect them to be. Never in a million years would I have thought the night I meet Jag would have any significance on the rest of my life, but it did. I found out that sometimes something that screams utter destruction might actually be your saving grace. Some people may say our story is too screwed up to be a romance, but for two broken people, we made the pieces fit together perfectly.

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I received an ARC copy in exchange for a honest review.
This is the first book of Stevie’s that I have read and I didn’t know that it was part of a series, but can obviously be read as a stand-alone.
I loved it and I loved the characters.

I’ll start with Jag, he is the front-man of Pandemic Sorrow, a very successful rock band, and a sex god to all of their fans and anyone else that isn’t blind. He is also an arrogant, cocky drug addict, that loves to satisfy his fans sexual fantasies.
Roxy didn’t have a good childhood, in fact she had a pretty crap one. Her mother died when she was very young and her father turned to alcohol and drugs not long after. But she could always rely on her big brother to protect her. Now her brother has been taken away by drugs leaving her broken and guarded, and despising anything to do with drugs until Jag.
This story is so full of raw emotion that I got so swept away I read it in a few hours. Eyes glued to the pages every step of the way, I quickly fell in to the world of Roxy and Jag.
As this is #3 in the Pandemic Sorrow series I now have to read the first two. It was written brilliantly and I can’t wait to read more.


Jag (Book 1)

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Rush (Book 2)
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Author Bio Trans
I grew up in the southern United States, and am still stuck here. The basics: I’m eccentric, I’m slightly obsessive, and I’ve been called a pervert. I love writing because it is nothing short of a magic trick. It pulls someone else into your mind and holds them there. Fair warning: my mind is pretty twisted, so watch out.
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