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Review of CARTER by R J Lewis


Author: R.J. LEWIS
Publication Date: April 1st 2015
Source: Kindle E-book
Childhood friends to lovers story.This is a story about a rising rock star and a love-struck girl.
I was a fool in love. From the moment I saw him, Carter Matheson had always been it for me. I just wished he felt the same way. We grew up together in poverty, seeking solace in one another through our love for music. His voice swept me off my feet. He sang like an angel, making me forget for a little while that my unrequited love would destroy me.

I thought I’d go to the ends of the earth for him. I thought my future along his side was engrained in stone. But when faced with a decision that would forever change our lives, I need to choose whose dreams to follow.

Mine or his.

My Review

R.J. Lewis is one of my favourite authors and I have read all of her books, so when Carter was released I couldn’t wait to read it.
I loved the characters!
Carter OMG… What can I say? Well he is hot, smouldering hot. Tormented in a way that makes him irresistible and he is now my favourite book boyfriend.
Leah is amazing and tough, I adore her, (I want to her when I eventually grow up), she doesn’t take crap from anyone and is so remarkably strong to cope with what she has been through.
At the age of five her mother dies in a car crash and she is left in the care of her mothers brother, Uncle Russell, and his wife Aunt Cheryl. Because of Russell and Cheryl’s lifestyles Leah doesn’t exactly have a normal or good upbringing.
When Leah is ten years old a new family move into the trailer park, a boy, Carter, and his father. Leah is mesmerised by Carter. As time goes by they grow to be friends, best friends, but Leah’s feeling towards Carter are a lot more than friendship, even from the age of ten, from the moment she first saw him she has been in love with him.
This story is beautiful and tragic, and amazing…
I devoured it in a few hours. I was so entanced with the story, I couldn’t put it down and was pulled into the world of Leah and Carter right from the first paragraph.
It was so impeccably written and was full of so much emotion, it leaves you  reeling and wanting more the moment you read the last line.

I love all of Rana’s books and with each new one that is released they just get better and better. Carter is by far my favourite R.J. Lewis book and in my favourite top 5 books this year, and she is one of my favourite authors, up there with Tijan, Tillie Cole and Colleen Hoover.

I can’t wait for book 2 and I really hope there is going to be more, I adore all of the characters and hope they are each going to be able to tell their stories.




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