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Review for GARDEN OF DREAMS & DESIRES by Kristen Painter

Publication Date: April 7th 2015
Source: Arc provided by publisher in exchange for honest review
Tourists are disappearing at an alarming rate. While Augustine and his lieutenants attempt to find them, Harlow and the evil spirit possessing her remain Augustine’s true focus. Freeing her from the spirit’s grasp is all he can think about, especially with no real solution on the horizon.
Then he discovers the tourists are disappearing because the witches are stealing souls to cast a dangerous chaos spell. Before he can stop them, Harlow becomes their victim. Now he must race the clock to set her free and end the witches’ machinations before the chaos spell strips every fae in New Orleans of their power and bring fae rule to an end.

My Review

I loved Garden of Dreams & Desires
Even though it was a perfect ending to the series, it makes me sad that this is the end of Augustine and Harlow. Maybe there could be a story for Dulcinea?
I love all of Kristen’s books.

For readers that have read the House of Comarré books, when we where first introduced to Augie he seemed self-centred and flaky and I loved the way this series has shown us his true self, how he has had to grow up and how much of a kick-ass alpha male he actually is.
I loved how Harlow progressed through the series and she really came into her own in this book, she is one serious bad-ass.

As I may have already mentioned, I love Kristen’s books, and this one was no exception. The way she writes. How she sucks you into her world, how easy it is to connect to the characters, she keeps you on the edge to the bitter end with suspense, twists and turns and so much sexual tension it leaves you smouldering.
I devoured Garden of Dreams & Desires in a few hours and wished I had taken my time as I didn’t want it to end.



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