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The Life of The Violet Widow was never an easy choice for Violet Dyson to make. After a tragedy, five years ago took her carefree life from her, it was easy to step into The Violet Widow’s shoes. Little did she know meeting her rock, the handsome Hudson Stone would test the life she has grown into.
After losing Hudson because of her lifestyle choice, Violet must find the strength within to win the love of her life back. But her courage will be tested with the return of the unrelenting Rebel Dogs MC leader – Mad Dog, who will threaten to tear Violet’s world apart, and everything in it – including Hudson.Will Violet and Hudson’s love conquer all odds or will it all end in tragedy once again?

Can Violet overcome everything and become herself once more, or will losing everything force her darker into her despair leaving her forever as The Violet Widow?


My Review

Whilst reading this book I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I literally cried all the way through, and not just from being sad but from laughter too. 
 I loved this book and from the moment I started reading I was pulled back into the world of Violet and Hudson.

Violet is such an hard ass, and as we now know she is a madam that is irrevocably in love with Hudson who is a cop, a detective non-the-less, so their relationship is impossible and can no longer go any further.
But in a twist of faith they keep getting thrown back together.

Hudson, still sexy-as-hell. is trying to take down the Maddog MC,  and in doing so he keeps crossing paths with Violet, the love of his life, but once finding out who she really is he feels betrayed and disgusted with her. Violet loves Hudson with all her heart and is utterly devastated that he no longer wants her. She feels lost without him and feels like she doesn’t belong anywhere. No longer feeling at home she moves into her place of work. But when the MC come looking for payback for the drugs one of her employees were storing for them, things go from bad to worse and she needs her rock.
Will their love be enough or will this be the end for Violet and Hudson?

This book was written with a lot of emotion, I could feel it in every sentence that I read. This is the first series of Kimberly’s that I have read and I can’t wait to read more. I love the way that she writes.
Thank you Kimberly for such an amazing and emotional journey.

5 Stars


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