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Review for SEEKING NIRVANA ( The Dark Evoke Series Book 1 ) by V.L. Brock

Publication Date: June 15th 2014
Source: eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

They say that old habits die hard, and twenty-seven year old, Kady Jenson, is about to discover how true that statement actually is. 
Waking up in the hospital with a complete stranger at her bedside should have caused panic and confusion, but for a reason unknown to her, Kady finds herself drawn and calmed by the presence of the rugged, devastatingly handsome man with the pleasant Irish brogue. It’s when she discovers that she has just woken from a four day coma, with a three year void in her memory, which spawns confusion and panic. 
Kady soon comes to realize that things change with time, and not only appearances. 
Not only is the sexual chemistry she once shared with her long-term boyfriend, now a long-ago memory, but Kady also begins to unconsciously fall back into unremembered habits, and with each day, the increasing sense of foreboding becomes increasingly harder to ignore. 
Left on her own when her boyfriend goes on a business trip, Kady seeks help from the Irish stranger as they go on a quest together, in a race against time, to piece the puzzle together. 

My Review
This was the first book of Victoria’s that i have read. A friend of mine had already read it and recommended it to me, so i was so excited when Victoria gifted me a copy. 
I already knew a few things about what happened because of my friend, she gets excited and vents when she reads an awesome book. so i already knew about vile Liam, sexy Irish Walker and, Kady waking up from a coma having no recollection of the last three years. 

Unfortunately like a lot of women, and men, i have lived through a physical and mental abusive relationship, so i could relate to Kady’s character on so many levels.
I was sucked into this book from the very beginning and read it in one sitting. I have never felt so many different emotions whilst reading a book and i was left feeling emotionally drained. I found it pretty hard at some points not to throw my tablet up the wall because i wanted to rip Liam out of the book and smash his face in. I love dark reads and taboo subjects, they are my favourite and Victoria kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through Kady’s journey to recover her memories. I can’t wait to start the next in the series. 
5 stars


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