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My Review of DECEIVED by Brenda Burling

Publication Date:  December 16th 2014
Source: eARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

Julia’s privileged and ordered world is turned upside down in a single day…
The start of the catastrophic turn of events begins with a seemingly simple mobile phone malfunction, culminating in the disappearance of her children and husband.
Against the backdrop of Cambridgeshire countryside, Florida’s relentless heat, and millions of tourists, Julia’s search begins.
A story of one woman’s strength, ingenuity, and relentless courage to get back what’s been taken from her.
By whatever means necessary…


My Review

 Julia is a British housewife that loves shopping and her twin girls, Alice and Phoebe. All she has to do is the school run and remember her beauty appointments.
Mike is Julia’s husband, he runs a lucrative business with his partner Alex , Julia’s best friend Marcia’s husband.

It all starts when Julia’s mobile phone stops working after she takes the girls to school, and in 24 hours her life gets turned upside down. She arrives home after a shopping trip to find all of the household staff have disappeared and the home phone has no dial tone. Panicking she drives to her best friends, there she finds out that her husband is on a business trip in NY, her mobile bill has not been paid for for a few months and her husband had the home phone disconnected because their house has been sold, and there is no way to get in touch with her husband. She goes to pick the girls up from school and discovers their father already had and had taken them on holiday to god-knows-where. Later that evening her husbands business partner turns up to tell her that her husband has been embezzling money from the company, owing the Inland Revenue £4.7 million. so now penniless and a devastated Julia has to find a way to get her girls back.

From the synopsis i was not expecting what i got, i haven’t read a book with a storyline like this before and it was a nice refreshing change.  I was engulfed in the story from beginning to end and read it in one sitting. The book was written fantastically. I loved the way we saw snippets of others characters point of view’s
I would
definitely recommend the book to readers.

4 Stars


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